Helium:Let Bytes Flow Freely

Author:Eric Wang

Forrest river

People are born free, but they are always in shackles.

Such is the fate of carbon-based organisms, we humans all have independent thinking, but some of us are bound to be cleverer than others.

1)The advent of Bitcoin means that for the first time in human history, the sanctity and inviolability of private property are guaranteed through technological means, replacing conventional bank accounts and passwords with public and private keys.

Essentially, Bitcoin represents a new pattern of validating property ownership without human intervention, a machine for creating trust. Simply put, Bitcoin provides a new solution to making sure that a person indeed owns the money that he claims.

2) Bitcoin provides a solution to double spending. What about the problem of cheating that may arise when the nodes in a network are in the process of reporting their positions? And what does fixing this problem mean? This is where Helium comes in.

When the problem of cheating is solved, the system can contemplate handing out tokens to distributed nodes as incentives. By validating their positions, the nodes simultaneously contribute distributed networks to the system, and will be rewarded with tokens for these two actions.

Therefore, the construction of distributed networks becomes palatable. Helium is now focusing on IoT network transmission as opposed to becoming an operator, because IoT transmission has less competition, which makes Helium arguably less likely to be replaced. Its next step is to make forays into DE-WIFI, which is distributed network-based WIFI.

3)So in the history of blockchain, bitcoin provides solutions to double-spending, making it possible to validate property ownership with technology in ten years ago.

Helium wants to take a step further. By pinpointing the reliable location of nodes, Helium is able to construct distributed trusted network.

4)That is to say, by introducing location information to Blockchain and constructing trusted networks, Helium represents the future of Blockchain. Helium is Blockchain 3.0.

Bitcoin-powered network enables reliable transactions without a centralized authority, facilitating the unbridled flow of value as one wishes. And with machines and algorithms, the right to private property truly becomes inviolable in its most literal sense. However, the use of Helium-powered networks will make it possible to fully leverage every last byte in the entire network. Just imagine, the unmitigated flow of bytes.

5)One last thing. Blockchain is, in essence, a form of time sequence, and by no means alien to our daily lives. To put things into perspective, 24 hours in a day can be locked into a block, 30 or 31 days in a month can also be segregated into a block, 60 years, the so-called diamond jubilee, can be marked as a block. In this sense, all the existing Blockchains are one-dimensional, so how do we add more dimensions to them? Not by figuring out “layer 2”, or upgrading ETH to PoS. The glaring answer to this problem lies in the introduction of trusted, reliable node locations.

Physics tells us, the two most important elements of the universe are space and time. Voila. You have your answers.

6)So what are we looking at now? 2020 Q4 represents the last window of opportunity to trade HNT, HELIUM’s token, unsymmetrically, that is, raking in big profits at much smaller cost. The timing reminds me of Ethereum at the start of 2016. Ethereum was valued at USD 70 million when 2015 ended, the value of HNT right now is at exactly USD 70 million. What a blissful coincidence.

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